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Platinum Package

• 2 layers of the Cartec Ceramic Guard carbon is applied to the paint surface
• A non abrasive pre-cleaner is applied, which preserves and nourishes the paintwork. This solution
   also helps the corrected paint surface prior to application of the sealant to maximise bonding of coating.

• Deep vacuuming of carpet, seats and mats
• Mats - washed and conditioned
• Seats - vacuumed, shampooed or leather conditioning applied

All leather surfaces are cleaned, de-glossed, fed with essential oils and then protected with leather guard
• Pressurised air blowing of entire interior (gets hair and dirt out of hard to reach places)
• Panels - interior trim and surface using Cartec products
• Safety belts are steam cleaned

• The vehicle is washed using a PH neutral shampoo specially formulated to remove dirt and contamination
   while not harming the original paintwork.
• The two bucket system is used during the wash process with additional grit guards to stop stones
   and dirt transfer
• Wheels are cleaned using a non acidic cleaner and specifically designed EZ detail brushes
• All door shuts, petrol cap, arches and lower section parts will be cleaned
• The vehicle is hand dried using deep-pile micro fibre towels and heated air blowers to remove any other
   water that is trapped
• A clay bar removes any remaining bonded surface contaminants
• A mild tar and glue remover dissolves and tar, road grime, tree sap and bug splatter
• Tyres dressed with a bespoke dressing for better longevity and fresh look
• All exterior plastics and door trims dressed
• Engine bay is cleaned and degreased • Door shuts are cleansed
• Wheels are removed cleaned on the inside and outside
• Paintwork treated to a 2 stage paint correction process for elimination of defects

• Alloy wheels paint corrected
• Paintwork treated to a 2 stage paint correction process
• Deeper surface scratches are taken down by using wet and dry finishing paper's
• Paintwork is checked using a digital microscope in specific areas

A non refundable deposit of 20% will be required to secure your booking for any of the detail packages.
A copy of deposit and booking details will be emailed to you for confirmation of date and time.

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