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Heritage Package
The Heritage detail is designed more for the older classic cars with older paint systems i.e cellulose, enamel and acrylic, however it can be beneficial for more modern classics like Fords.

The vehicle still benefits from our multiple stage wash process but with the less aggressive products which are safe to use on these older vehicles paint finishes.

We take time to inspect the whole vehicle and identify any underline issues or possible previous repair work that's been carried out and record it.

Once any issues or problems have been identified we will discuss which polishing stage could take place and ultimately what level of protection could be applied.

After the vehicle is polished it will be treated to a pre wax cleaner and then a 2 part sealant from Mitchell and King before chosen wax is applied.

The wax used will be a bespoke Mitchell and King product, which is one of the most prestigious wax manufacturers today. We take great pride being associated Mitchell and king luxury car care products to further push for better results.
At no point will any kerosene or paraffin wax products be used on the vehicle. These ingredients tend to be commonly found in cheaper waxes.

The interior will be vacuumed clean. The trims will be dressed and treated along with the rest of the interior. Any fabric or leather cleaned also.

Each vehicle will leave with a tailored Mitchell and King maintenance kit to further maintain the finished result. Every kit is hand selected for every different vehicle so please let the reception know when booking in if You would want one upon collection.

If you have any questions about this detail or would prefer to pop in for a chat, please feel free to do so and a member of our experienced team can go over the process with you.

This service can be tailored to include cartec products and cartec ceramic guard carbon protection however the vehicle paint would require test patching. This would incur additional costs.

A non refundable deposit of 20% will be required to secure your booking for any of the detail packages.
A copy of deposit and booking details will be emailed to you for confirmation of date and time.

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